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hackrabbit @ 11:59 am: "I'm sorry, my computer says I'm boring you."
An article from the 29th of March 2006 issue of New Scientist magazine describes a device that can pick up on certain human emotions that were nigh to undetectable at first: boredom and irritation. Previous efforts already picked up such emotions as happiness and sadness, but also detected whether someone who was being talked to was either interested or disagreeing.

At the moment the device still needs a lot of training and one won't look quite sporty with it, as it currently requires a high-resolution camera (embedded in e.g. spectacles) and quite a hefty computer. But could this be a possible future gift for loved ones? A blessing in disguise? Or just another fruitless, well intended effort? And how does it strike you that formerly "complex" concepts such as emotions can be so "easily" described?

The article is available at:

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