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Neurologically Typical Support Group

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hackrabbit @ 01:37 pm: Introduction
"Hi, my name is (deleted for privacy) and I'm a Neurotypical. In fact most of my friends are NT's. My family has only quite recently become aware of my condition. But fortunately they support me in this."

Finding out you are an NT never is easy. But luckily there are those who know what it is like. With whom you can share thoughts and ideas on how to cope with this situation and how to handle its common symptoms.
In an effort to support those who are NT, have an NT relative or know an NT this community has been founded. Feel free to exchange thoughts and anecdotes. If you have helpful hints or tips on how to get the most out of your predicament post them here.

And remember: you are not alone.


Date:December 22nd, 2004 02:30 pm (UTC)

Suffering mild NT symptoms but on the road to recovery

I've recently become more aware of my own NT symptoms. Although I consider myself only mildly NT, it's clear that my NT tendencies seriously impair my functioning as an independent person. I am learning to come to terms with this disabling condition, with the help of my autistic son.
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