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Neurologically Typical Support Group

because nothing is as common as it seems

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Word of welcome
Welcome to the NTSG LiveJournal community. With growing concern we have to witness the number of Neurologically Typicals ("Neurotypicals" or "NT's") increasing day by day. Their behaviour being erratic and often unexplainable they tend to mingle with other NT's and show socially active traits.
Do you recognize yourself in the above mentioned description? Or do you suspect a close relative or friend of yours to be an NT? Worry not, you are not alone!

Stand up for yourself and be proud. There's no need to be ashamed of being or knowing an NT. In fact get up right now and proclaim you are one or know one! ... now doesn't that make you feel better? :)

  • Be respectful - flaming or bickering of any kind will not be tolerated. Not even when in jest.
  • Stay on topic - this is a Neurotypical support group, not your aunt's birthday party.
  • Be contributive - personal rants belong in your own journal. We do not care how your pet goldfish Sparkles is feeling today.
  • Be openminded - though this community is open to people both on and off the autistic spectrum one has to keep in mind that NT's are often stubborn to be handled with care. Like eggs they break when you squeeze them too hard.
  • Be careful - watch what you are typing! You never know when someone is watching with you over your shoulder.

Other communities of interest
  • as_others - for serious support this is the place to go
  • asd_families - Family of individuals affected by Autistic Spectrum
  • aspient - Asperger's Relationships

Links of interest

This is a semi-serious community, tending to be more of a parody than an actual serious effort. Serious conversation about neurotypical-problems is permitted, though you are encouraged to take such talk to the more serious communities (see the provided list). Above all: take this light and laugh once and a while. :)